Andrea Strong Hates Her Neighborhood Bistro

Bar Tabac has crossed Andrea Strong for the last
Bar Tabac has crossed Andrea Strong for the last Photo: Jonathan Bourland

Andrea Strong is probably the anti–Alan Richman when it comes to takedowns (you don’t see many of them over at the Buzz), but, boy, does she hate Bar Tabac. In fact, a recent post is titled “I Hate Bar Tabac”! The place was voted best neighborhood bistro in the Time Out awards, but Strong, who lives nearby, thinks it’s a “rude, self-important, obnoxious cave (with al fresco seating) for French ex-pats and ubiquitous hipsters in the Brooklyn area.” She makes the waiters seem like the height of aloofness and incompetence — our own reader reviews run the gamut from “terrible service” to “they take very good care of regulars or pleasant people” to “most of the time I feel extremely rushed by the waiters, but I love their outdoor sidewalk tables so I keep going back.” That last reader may want to read Strong’s jeremiad — there will come a day when you snap!

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