Alan Richman Schleps David Chang Along to Ippudu

Random ramen, not the King's.
Random ramen, not the King’s. Photo: iStockphoto

Alan Richman writes on his Forked blog about the inspired idea of bringing David Chang along with him to Ippudo, the city’s self-appointed King of Ramen, and then baiting him for not making noodles as good. Chang won’t be caught sticking up for his ramen — “We serve crappy Pan-Asian ramen made for round-eyes” — but he does like the stuff more than Richman, who “wasn’t that impressed.” Chang, as usual, has the kicker, one of his standby applause lines:

[I]f he made such an attempt at authenticity, a lot of Asians were sure to say, “He’s an asshole, a wannabe.” He added, “If I were an Asian, that’s what I’d say about me.”

It’s Good to Be the Ramen King [GQ]