A First Look at PDT's Spring Cocktail Menu, Launching Tonight

The Wylie Dufresne wiener isn't the only thing new at PDT: Starting tonight theyll unveil a sherry-spiked Negroni tribute named after Dufresnes dad, Dewey. Indeed the entire spring cocktail menu will debut, and were the first to get our trembling hands on it.

Among the exotic touches: Japanese kumquat syrup, rhubarb pure, pickled ramp brine from Momofuku Ssm, and chamomile-infused pisco. Which makes us want to pull an Andy Samberg and holler, Chamomile, motherfucker! Good news in the don't-fix-what-ain't-broke realm, too: The old-fashioned made with bourbon-infused bacon stays.

PDT menu

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