A First Look at Eden and Opera, Opening June 3


Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and what better way to ring it in than with — oh, yes — another rooftop bar? Here you have images from last night’s opening party at Eden, the open-air boite atop Opera (formerly known as China Club). Owner Danny Freed tells us that the guys from 1Oak may still have a hand in the place, though their rep previously told us otherwise. Either way, feast your eyes on the spot, and maybe hit it up soon (it will be open next Thursday and then from Tuesdays through Saturdays starting June 3). When we see you on Tuesday let’s hope we’re all a shade more tan, a little fatter, and a couple of winks better rested.


Opera, the downstairs club.Photo: Melissa Hom

Eden and Opera, 268 W. 47th St., nr. Broadway; 212-398-3800