$2K Tables in the Hamptons; Ex-Cons to Serve You Booze Soon?

• Tables at clubs in the Hamptons are now going for $2,000 each. [Down by the Hipster]

• Food writer Andrea Strong may not like some of the restaurants in her new neighborhood, but she sure does like her new apartment. [NYT]
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• Kenny Shopsin’s cookbook, which will contain recipes for Blisters on My Sisters and Ho Cakes, will be published in September. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• The New York State Restaurant Association wants to make it easier for hotels, restaurants, and sports arenas to hire ex-cons so that they can replenish their shrinking labor pool. [Crain’s NY via Grinder/CHOW]

The Next Food Network Star, the most-watched show on the channel, features two local finalists this season. [NYDN]

• Has dining in Manhattan — with its ironic dish names and $55 macaroni and cheese — become too witty and annoying? [NYO]