Team From 1 Oak Makes China Club’s Roof the Height of Luxury

Richie Akiva will see you on the roof.
Richie Akiva will see you on the roof. Photo: Melissa Hom

The Vongerichtification of the China Club was a long time coming, and today Steve Lewis reveals that none other than the team from 1 Oak will be behind the indoor-outdoor rooftop named Eden. (The interview says it opens tonight, May 15, but the club tells us more like next week.) It’ll cater to the “chic elite” (as opposed to the shabby elite) and is “designed for bottle service.” As for the rest of the club, it’s a little confusing — the names Crest, Opera, and Opera at the Crest are bandied about to refer to the independently run lounges within the club (there will also be live shows), but somehow we’re guessing Eden is the name that will end up on people’s lips.

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