Bar Martignetti Sponsors the Arts; 1 Oak Invades Canada


In what has to be the weirdest nightlife branching out since the Beatrice guys hit Atlantic City, the team from 1 Oak is headed to Montreal to celebrate the F1 Grand Prix at the Time Supperclub, and they want you to join them! Will Montreal become the new Hamptons (or will the Grand Prix become the new Sundance?) for nightlifers putting their stamp on things? Or are Richie Akiva & Co. just using this as an excuse to storm the city’s notorious strip clubs (they do like them some Scores, after all)? Either way, between this and 1 Oak rival Bar Martignetti sponsoring an art party last night with Guest of a Guest, it’s clear that clubs and restaurants have truly become roving entities. It’s only a matter of time before Rose Bar joins Bono on a tour of Africa.