Who Might Replace Andrew Carmellini If He Leaves A Voce?

We’re not saying we believe it…Photo: Courtesy of BravoWith Andrew Carmellini’s future looking hazy at A Voce, we have to wonder who might be brought in, should the chef leave, to replace him. Given A Voce’s reputation and the relatively small number of chefs who might come on board without its losing food cred, it shouldn’t be hard to speculate. Who do you think might be the next A Voce chef, in the unhappy event that Carmellini leaves? It’s a wild-card shot, but we’ll throw former Dos Caminos chef and Top Chef castoff Manuel Trevino out there, only because we might’ve heard some completely unsubstantiated, totally unconfirmed rumormongering along those lines. Fun. Just to get your creative juices going. Guesses in the comments box, please.

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