What the Candidates Will Be Drinking in Kentucky; Judge to Make the Call on Union Square Plans Today

• A primer to the bourbons the presidential candidates will have to drink to impress voters in Kentucky. [WSJ]

• Mars Inc. is buying Wrigley; will Orbit gum now come with an M&M; candy shell? [WSJ]

• A judge will decide today whether construction on the north end of Union Square, including the creation of a proposed new restaurant, can continue. [NYS]

• Fifty-five dollars is the price of a ticket aboard a new pizza bus tour of the city. [NYDN]

• Robert Sietsema’s report on migas in Austin for Gourmet’s “Forgotten Cuisines of America” series includes a picture of a dish that looks anything but gourmet. [Gourmet]

• This won’t be news to locavores, but the modern food-transportation network — in which “[c]od caught off Norway is shipped to China to be turned into filets, then shipped back to Norway for sale” — is harming the environment. [NYT]

• If there were looser trade restrictions for food commodities, then some of the world might not be starving. [NYT]

• One retail consultant has this to say about the direction of consumer spending habits on food: “‘It hasn’t gotten to human food mixed with pet food yet,’ he said, ‘but it is certainly headed in that direction.’” [NYT]