Webbies Bring Odd, Time-Wasting Sensations

Rated CV for Chicken Violence.
Rated CV for Chicken Violence. Photo: awardentry.com

The Webby nominations are out, and, as ever, you have hours and hours of time wasting ahead of you as you peruse the nominees. (There seem to be about a hundred more categories every year.) We just went though both the food category and the restaurant one, as well as the categories that just happen to have food content, and they range from the totally inexplicable (Coke & Faithless) to the brilliant (Tony Bourdain’s Top Chef blog) to a site so badly designed that we wasted fifteen minutes trying to get past the Terms and Conditions page before giving up (Absolut Pears). But without question the most hypnotic is the McDonald’s chicken site, which features slow-motion video of chicken tenders being torn apart. Warning: The content is unthinkably violent.

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