‘Top Chef’ Contestant Sees No Humor in ‘Top Secret’

Manuel Trevino

Manuel Trevino has left Top Chef and Dos Caminos.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Last night on Top Chef, Manuel Trevino, late of Dos Caminos, packed his knives and went. Manuel lost when he followed partner Spikes lead in choosing Good Morning, Vietnam as the kind of movie that inspires a dish. Weak spring rolls clinched Manuels fate. New Yorks Michael Alan Connelly spoke to Manuel this morning.

How close was last nights episode to what actually happened?
It was a really confusing Quickfire. Originally, it was just a plate of vegetables and show your skills. When you talk about technique to me, youre talking about hand and knife. A pot of boiling water, a saut pan, and grill. Once you start pulling in gadgets, mandolins, and special cutters to do this, it just doesnt make sense.

Did you like the movie-inspired challenge?
It was really weird. I dont think that all the teams hit it when it came down to matching the food with the theme. You know, Top Secret doesnt make sense. Just because you saw a cow in it Oh, that made me want to cook beef.

But your team was criticized because Spike wanted to make a summer roll, and then you chose a movie with the word Vietnam in the title.
That wasnt the way it worked out.

How was working with Spike?
Im not 100 percent confident that he actually delivered what he expected to deliver. He was thinking one thing and ended up producing something that wasnt up to that level.

The judges picked on you for making a cheap dish. Where did your budget go?
The Chilean sea bass was the most expensive component of the dish. Its difficult to go into a store and buy retail. Thats another thing the judges forget; theyre thinking $150 in a restaurant.

Did Spike overpower your culinary voice?
I dont want to say that one person took the lead. Aside from Spike taking the lead on the concept and actually assembling the roll, the rest was a team effort.

But the judges decided to send you home.
It was like, Spike, this; Spike, this; Spike, this; Spike, this. Manuel, you go home. What?!

You no longer work at Dos Caminos. Were you fired?
We parted ways, and its time for me to move on with my life.

Whats next for you?
I want to go back to what Im used to: fine dining taking a little more time and putting more love and care into the food.

Whos the next Top Chef?
Stephanie. Shes the sleeper, and she is solid. Her food is phenomenal, her flavor combinations are great, and she really knows what shes doing. Michael Alan Connelly