The ‘New Carnivores’ Stalk Greater Fame

Scott Gold, poster boy for the New Carnivores.
Scott Gold, poster boy for the New Carnivores. Photo: Scott Gold

The Post today looks into the world of the “New Carnivores,” those (mostly male) foodies whose calling card is their preening meatitude. Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore, shares an offal platter with the writer at Casa Mono. The New Carnivore revels in his love of offal and game animals, exerting a macho pride in the gross-out factor connected with such dishes. (It’s better still if he can claim to have actually stalked his meat with bow and arrow, and then butchered it himself on the kitchen table.) We’re still a little skeptical about the whole thing — isn’t there enough beef, pork, and veal at the supermarket to make any carnivore happy? — but the Post did coin a good phrase.

We’re Having a Meat Wave [NYP]

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