The Burger That Ate Seymour Burton

One day burger greatness walked in the door.
One day burger greatness walked in the door. Photo: Jeremy Liebman

Eater has one of its enjoyable “On the House” essays today, featuring the story of the Seymour Burton hamburger, as told by the restaurant’s co-owner, Adam Cohn. Cohn tells the story about the meteoric rise of the Seymour Burton burger from a marginal item to the staple of their inventory, thanks to a Peter Meehan review. It’s a dramatic tale, with suitable narrative flourishes: “We went from selling three burgers a week to selling 30 a day. I mercifully dropped the chili. [Chef Josh] Shuffman starting giving interviews in which he claimed that the burger recipe came to him while on peyote, free-climbing in the Andes.”

On The House: The Creation of a Famous Burger [Eater]

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