Sunrise Mart Isn’t Selling Us on ‘Vegetable Cheese’

Having eaten everything from bull’s penis to chicken ovaries to the fish guts that Zenkichi warned us were for “Japanese, sake connoisseurs, and adventurous eaters only,” we’ll give any peculiar food a chance, but we have yet to get much joy out of natto, the fermented soybean dish that triggers the gag reflex of even the most hardened masticators. Japanese grocery store Sunrise Mart (a favorite of Santogold) clearly senses this trepidation, because they’ve posted the following pamphlet attempting to warm — nay, “addict” — Westerners to what they euphemistically dub “vegetable cheese.” Yeah, that’s not exactly helping.


You can throw all the emoticons you like at us, but for the foreseeable future our reaction to natto is still not-o.