SLA Strips Le Souk, 205 of Liquor Licenses

Le Souk and 205

Le Souk and 205. Staying alive?Photo: Yun Cee Ng and Shanna Ravindra

East Villagers who loathe Le Souk have reason to party: After much deliberation, the SLA has cancelled the clubs liquor license. The owners can apply for a new one, but lets face it, theyve got their work cut out for them.

In another long-in-the-works case, 205 one of the only downtown spots where you can dance on the legal had its license revoked, meaning the owners wont be able to seek a new one.

The authority also put the kiss of death on Stereo, fining it $15,000 to boot. Le Souk and 205 are still open for business at the moment it takes the authority a few days to physically seize a venues license, and its decision can be reconsidered upon request or fought in court (as in the case of Death and Co.). Nevertheless, it may be the last days of disco for these venues.

Disciplinary Action Taken by the SLA at the March 20th Full-Board Meeting [SLA]