Single, Attractive Cooks Wanted in Williamsburg; Rhum Sure to Make You Frisky on the UWS

Astoria: When he’s not at his restaurant, Il Bambino chef Darren Lawless likes ordering takeout tacos from La Cabana at 33-18 30th Avenue. [Joey in Astoria]
Ozone Park: David Burke is planning on opening a Burke in a Box sometime later this year at JFK. [Grub Street]
Upper West Side: Madaleine Mae serves $10 shots of Rhum Cures: There’s a cure designed to “increase virility” with the aid of vanilla and cinnamon and another with passion fruit and mango that supposedly “induces desire and decreases inhibition.” And Frank Bruni guesses “if one half of a couple belts down the former and the other half the latter, the duo is really in business.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
Williamsburg: A new cooking show is looking for attractive singles to cook for a blind date on camera at Brooklyn Photo Studio. [Gothamist]
West Village: Insomnia Cookies gets points for being a unique late-night delivery option, but the service still needs to work out a few kinks: “At 9:53 pm, [Food & Wine] placed an order for a half-dozen assorted cookies and brownies (minimum order is $6) and was told to expect delivery within 45 minutes. At 10:40 pm, someone from Insomnia called to say they were out of brownies,” and after another hour the cookies arrived, smooshed. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]