Sagatiba’s Aged Cachaça Hitting States in Fall

Crack open a cold one.
Crack open a cold one. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Last week, the Pour pointed out that aged varieties of cachaça — the Brazilian sugarcane liquor you know and love from the caipirinha — are hitting the market. But how much distribution can small producers get? We’ve just discovered that a bullish brand we love for its relative smoothness, Sagatiba, will introduce a cachaça called Velha here in the fall. It will only be aged two years in oak barrels, instead of a dozen, but it’ll beat this cachaça in a can (slogan: “A good idea”) that a friend recently brought back from Brazil. Wait — hard liquor in a can? We take that back.

Allure of Cachaça Spreads to U.S. From Brazil [Pour/NYT]