Red Egg Gets Red Light From Buildings Department

red egg

The rendering, at least, is fit for habitation.Rendering courtesy of Openshop Studio.

Soon after we brought you first word on Chinese-Peruvian dim-sum spot Red Egg, Urbandaddy chipped in with promises of eighty-eight light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Now owner Darren Wan e-mails to let us know that instead of opening for lunch service this Monday as planned, he’s been shut out of his own restaurant.

“The building owner/landlord was careless and did not follow up on a building violation they received,” Wan writes. “Therefore, on Monday morning, the Department of Buildings (NY) came by and issued a ‘vacate order’ on the entire building.” Wan hopes the matter will be resolved soon, but, in the meantime, those eighty-eight light bulbs remain dark.

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