Pizza, Pretzels, and Bourbon — Sounds Dreamy

The true successor to DeMarco's?
The true successor to DeMarco’s? Photo: Zach Desart

Rob and Robin dominate the food section in the magazine this week, first with their Underground Gourmet review of Artichoke, an East Village pizzeria fit to be compared to the late, lamented DeMarco’s. Missing the pretzels of your youth? Rob and Robin researched the city’s bread baskets and bar menus and compiled a guide to the salty treats. This week’s “Openings” include the Jason Denton’s highly anticipated Bar Milano, and the “In Season” recipe taps maple syrup’s role in Don Lee’s delicious bacon-infused bourbon at PDT. Gael Greene eats at Madaleine Mae this week, but if you want to eat in, Rob and Robin have compiled a high-end grocery list for you. And if all this makes you need a drink, Emma Rosenblum visited Weather Up on a recent Saturday night to survey the crowd.

Passion for Pizza
Openings: Moco Global Dining, Bar Milano, and bar Q.
Trendlet: Pretzel Logic
The Urban Forager: From Beans to Bloodys
In Season: Maple Syrup
Insatiable Critic: Madaleine Mae
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