Petrossian Serves the Caviar of Energy Drinks

Bottle by Zegna.Photo: Courtesy of Marquis Platinum

You know youre in the wrong bar if it proudly serves blechy energy drinks (worse case scenario: The Red Bull car is parked outside), so were a little surprised that hoity-toity spots like the Bowery Hotels bar, Petrossian, Koi, and GoldBar have started stocking the stuff. But dont imagine ravers swilling Red Bull and vodka: Marquis Platinum, The Luxury Refreshment, has a Bentley-like logo and markets itself to socialite types as a vitality drink. Instead of dclass ingredients like taurine and artificial flavoring, it contains aloe vera and pine-bark extract perfect for mixing with ultrapremium vodka! Whether or not it gives you wings, it does let you float above the unwashed masses.