Pelaccio Fails Epicurious’s Crab Test; Brushstrokes Has a Cracked Foundation

An Epicurious blogger goes looking for good crabs in New York and is disappointed. He went to a place called Fatty Crab, hoping for the best, “But the Italian chef seemed to be thinking more along the lines of puttanesca.” [Epicurious]

The future site of Brushstrokes has a cracked foundation. Just what did David Bouley do to anger the Fates this way? [Downtown Express]

A “picnic club,” which will promote picnics, will, take note, “fundamentally change weekend activity in NYC.” [Down by the Hipster]

Restaurateur to the rich Nello Balan is opening up a hotel and restaurant in the North Fork. [NYP]

The brilliant CEO who somehow made IHOP cool will now try to do the same for Applebee’s. [ABC News]

Do you qualify as an overnight Internet millionaire if your youthful gambit pays off twenty years later? Ask the guy who just made $2.6 million from auctioning [NYP]