Padma Likes Gravy Boats and 4 A.M. Shawarmas

Before or after those fifteen pounds?
Before or after those fifteen pounds? Photo: Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi gets nice and comfy in TONY’s “Hot Seat” section this week, and though she refuses to name her favorite restaurant for fear of alienating potential Top Chef guests, she does concede this: “My idea of fast food is eating shawarma at four in the morning down in the Village.” Four in the morning, girl? This might have something to do with those twelve to fifteen pounds she says she gains per taping season. Also, the fact that she loves gravy so much that she has a Tiffany gravy boat and a Royal Doulton, too. But she’s right about this much — we don’t notice it.

The Hot Seat: Padma Lakshmi [TONY]