Olsen Twins Do It Downtown; Leo Loves Max Brenner

The Olsens: not posing for a
The Olsens: not posing for a Photo: Getty Images

Are the Olsen twins going hipster? You’d think so, based on the fact that Mary-Kate hit Sweet Paradise this week, while Ashley did it up at Lit. In other celebs-out-of-water news, Leonardo DiCaprio and his girl hit Max Brenner — so the sighting of Orlando Broom and his model girlfriend wasn’t a fluke. Also hilarious: NBC announcer Bert Pence getting booted from Elaine’s for bringing in White Castle burgers. We’re sure those slyders made it worth it.

1OAK: Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Mary J. Blige after the “Heart of the City” concert on Friday night. [NYP]
Adrienne’s Pizza: Mia Farrow walking in to order. [Gawker]
Bowery Electric: Billy Crudup, Ryan Adams, and designer John Varvatos at the bar’s opening. [NYP]
The Box: Heather Graham, Moby, and Julie Stiles partying — but not together. [NYP]
Buddakan: Anne Hathaway talking loudly with an agent and companion about things that “touched her consciousness.” [Gawker]
Butter: Chris Rock making Taye Diggs, Andre Harrell, Russell Simmons, and Porschla Coleman laugh at his table. [NYP]
Café Mogador: John Legend talking about what a “prolific writer” he has been in the last year and of a new Kayne collaboration, with a female companion over brunch. [Gawker]
Downtown Cipriani: Brett Ratner and Ivanka Trump heading to a private party upstairs. [Gawker]
Elaine’s: NBC announcer Bert Pence and friends getting kicked out by owner Elaine Kaufman for bringing in White Castle burgers during their “low-key memorial service” in honor of voice-over actor John Henry Kurtz. [NYP]
Elio’s: Bear Stearns chairman Jimmy Cayne celebrating the unloading of his stock. [NYP]
Freemans: The Black Eyed Peas looking dapper and recently shaved. [Gawker]
Hawaiian Tropic Zone: Julius (Dr. J) Erving and a young lady having lunch. [NYP]
Joe Allen: Harry Belafonte and publicist Bobby Zarem having dinner, then returning, after watching August: Osage County, for dessert. [NYP]
Joe’s Shanghai: Lauren Ambrose and son, enjoying soup dumplings. [Gawker]
Knickerbocker Bar: Peter Dinklage with two blondes. [NYP]
Le Grainne Café: A buffer Ethan Hawke discussing a new project with a French companion. [Gawker]
Lit Lounge: Ashley Olsen dancing in the D.J. booth in the basement. [Gawker]
Mad River Bar & Grille: Josh Hartnett drinking Bloody Marys with friends. [NYP]
Magnolia Bakery: Makeup-free (but still attractive) Marie Shriver with her assistant. [Gawker]
Magnolia Bakery: Felicity’s Scott Speedman still looking hot with long hair and a scrubby beard. [Gawker]
Max Brenner: Leonardo DiCaprio with his girlfriend and parents. [Gawker]
Nobu 57: Beyoncé and Jay-Z dining in a secluded section in the back of the restaurant. [Gawker]
P.J. Clarke’s: Bruce Willis happy to be mostly unnoticed by the older crowd. [Gawker]
The Plumm: Ice T, Coco, producer Keya Morgan, and Kid Rock, visibly annoyed that Eliot Spitzer hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupré was in the VIP area. [NYP]
The Plumm: Indiana Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley offering offered $1,000 cash to any busboy or waitress who could find his BlackBerry in the club, with Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, Darrell Armstrong, and Mardy Collins. [NYP]
Porcao: Pelé dining with his daughter, ex-coach, and friends. [NYDN]
Pure Food & Wine: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick feeding each other tacos, on a double date. [Gawker]
Room Service: John Legend and Marcus Schenkenberg checking out the ladies. [NYDN]
s’Nice: Heather Mills and daughter chatting up patrons. [Gawker]
Socialista: Jessica Stam hanging with a pissed off Jared Leto and a bunch of guys. [Gawker]
Suzie Wong: Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn, and Marlon Wayans “acting loopy” after four bottles of lychee sake. [NYP]
Sweet Paradise: Mary-Kate Olsen with some friends, much to the amazement of the dive bar’s patrons. [NYP]
Union Square Greenmarket: A hurried Hugh Dancy looking “rumpled yet dapper in a brown blazer and jeans.” [Gawker]
The Waverly Inn: Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue’s André Leon Talley leaving the restaurant with “four extremely good-looking, tan men” and getting into a purple van. [Gawker]