Obama’s Breakfast (Not) for Sale; the Secrets of New York Pizza

• Senator Obama’s unfinished breakfast of waffles and sausage from a Pennsylvania diner was listed on eBay, where bids exceeded $20,000 before the auction was canceled. [Times-Tribune via Grinder/CHOW]

• Food rations are back! Sam’s Club and Costco are both limiting how much rice customers can buy. [NYT]

• The next step in the legal battle over calorie posting takes place on Tuesday, when oral arguments will be heard in appeals court. [NYT]

• The key factors that make New York pizza so perfect are the water we use and the old ovens our pies are baked in, which add decades and decades of flavor to each bite. [Wired]

• Monkey Bar’s Chris Cheung leaves the kitchen playlist to his staff. [Metromix]