New Cheesesteak Joint’s Signage Is Strikingly Familiar

Exudes wholesomeness.
Exudes wholesomeness. Photo: Daniel Maurer

On Tuesday, The Colbert Report visited Philly’s two rival cheesesteak joints — Pat’s and Gino’s. Ah, if only New York had such a rivalry. But wait — in the space that housed the Cheesesteak Factory until late last year, there’s now a new takeout and delivery spot, with a new owner, serving not just a variety of cheesesteaks (pizza, BBQ, chicken, cordon bleu, and vegetarian), but also an egg-roll cheesesteak. And you thought provolone was sacrilege. What we’re most intrigued by, however, is that the sign (as if to tempt legal fate, just as the Cheesesteak Factory did) looks remarkably similar to one of the world’s most recognizable logos.


Philly’s Cheese Steak, 191 E. Houston St., nr. Ludlow; 212-475-7744;