Mouthing Off Puts Together an Interborough Threesome

Over at Mouthing Off, Kristin Donnelly, ostensibly in honor of Earth Day, puts together a delicious meal made wholly from locally obtained New York ingredients. We say ostensibly because it takes no ecoconsciousness to think of such things, just a food geek’s heated, hungry imagination. Donnelly’s interborough trio consists of crackly lavash from Long Island City’s Hot Bread Kitchen, the fantastic Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta sold at Saxelby Cheesemongers on the Lower East Side, and New York City honey, which she describes as gathered from hives on Manhattan rooftops. (Um, we’ll just assume that tastes better than it sounds.) Putting together interborough threesomes is a game we could play all day. How about Bosnian dried beef from the Black Bull butcher shop in Astoria with a Kossar’s bialy and Guss’s Pickles? Or a stew of Six Point ale from Brooklyn, George Bradley’s pork from the Prospect Park Greenmarket, and ramps from the park itself? Give us enough time, and we could come up with a whole restaurant devoted to this project. In the meantime, maybe you have your own suggestions.

A Triborough Snack [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]