‘Lazy Tosser’ Finds Energy to Sue Gordon Ramsay for 500,000 Pounds

Never stop suing Gordon Ramsay! If only on principle!
Never stop suing Gordon Ramsay! If only on principle!Photo: Getty Images

The manager of Dillons, which was chosen for ritual humiliation last season on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, says his reputation is in tatters, and he is suing Ramsay for a second time. (The first suit was tossed last year.) We doubt the suit will stand up this time around, but that doesn’t keep the Daily Mail from heaping on the drama: “When Martin Hyde heard his restaurant was to get the Gordon Ramsay treatment, he knew there would be a little heat in the kitchen. He just didn’t expect his career to be left in a smouldering heap.” He didn’t? Why not? We can only imagine what’s going to come out of Ramsay’s current assault on the Black Pearl.

Gordon Ramsay sued for £500,000 by restaurant manager he branded a ‘lazy t*****’ on US show [Daily Mail]

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