IFC Center Brings 42,000-Calorie Sandwiches to Big Screen

The King, à la peanut-butter sandwiches.Photo: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images
On April 29 the IFC Center will screen the documentary The Burger and the King: The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley, followed by a Q&A; with director James Marsh. Via interviews with Elvis’s cook, personal assistant, doctor, and the Denver restaurateurs who once delivered to his personal jet no less than 22 gigantic peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches (each containing 42,000 calories), the film tells how Elvis ate fried squirrels as a kid, Sloppy Joes in junior high, creamed beef (a.k.a. Shit on a Shingle) in the army, and eventually hot dogs smuggled into the hospital. Nothing beats the big screen when it comes to watching PB&B; sandwiches being fried in butter, but you can also see the whole thing on YouTube.

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