Grand Theft Auto IV Knocks Off Beer Garden, Dean & DeLuca

Time to mess this place up.
Time to mess this place up. Photo: Courtesy of Rockstar North

Whoa, dude! You can actually get wasted in the just-released Grand Theft Auto IV, set in a slightly skewed version of New York City — but the question is, where? Gawker first pointed out that the Steinway Beer Garden looked a lot like the Bohemian Hall in Queens, and now Adam Kuban at Serious Eats sniffs out a couple of other close resemblances. The Bean Machine, for instance, is pretty much the Dean & DeLuca at Rockefeller Center. Kuban fails to I.D. the diner you see here, but we’ve got the scoop.


It’s actually based on Miller’s Famous Restaurant, in Borough Park, a 1947 spot that was renovated in 2003 using two subway-car replicas. (A photo can be found here.) We wonder — is there a Shake Shack equivalent? We know a lot of folks wouldn’t mind plowing through that line in a Hummer.

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