FoodFellas Make the Networks an Offer They May or May Not Refuse

Given the public’s appetite for food shows, and its (or, rather, our) appetite for mobsters, how could a food show about mobsters not succeed? That seems to be the thinking behind FoodFellas, a pilot currently under consideration at several networks. The idea is for a reality series about three Sopranos actors, Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore, Joe “Vito the Gay Mobster” Gannascoli, and Tony “Larry Boy Barese” Darrow, who buy one of the all-time great Bronx Italian restaurants, de’ Medici, and try to make it a major success. (The pilot promo features the actors at the awful La Mela, but the show won’t actually take place there.) The show looks great, but we kind of hope they don’t succeed. De’ Medici, a kind of Rao’s you can get into, is perfect just the way it is.