Food Magazines You Should Be Reading

There's life beyond Gourmet and Saveur

There's life beyond Saveur and Gourmet.

The blog era has hurt ’zines generally, and the food world is no different. Gourmet, Saveur, and a few others dominate the newsstands, and various Websites fill in the remaining niches like life-forms on the floor of an old-growth forest. But a good post on the Paupered Chef today reminds its readers that there are still some independent magazines that make a major contribution to gastronomy. The post lists Gastronomica, the highly cerebral journal published by UC Berkeley; Grub Street favorite Edible Brooklyn and its soon-to-be-published sequel, Edible Manhattan; Williamsburg's Diner's Journal; and writer Ed Behr’s idiosyncratic but intensely focused The Art of Eating.

Some More Obscure Food Magazines [Paupered Chef]