Food Blogs Already Having Sport With Calorie Listings

Expect a lot of shock-and-awe tactics on the part of the city’s food-writing corps, as calorie info begins to go up in chain restaurants around town. First on the beat is the Voice’s new blogger, Sarah DiGregorio, who stops in at T.G.I. Friday’s to find that the ribs there are a horrific 1,900 calories. From there it’s on to Starbucks, where the blended-cream green tea has 650. The other chains DiGregorio stopped by still hadn’t gotten with the program: The Sbarro and McDonald’s locations she visited “hadn’t even heard of the law,” the Olive Garden presumably has its hands full dissuading waitresses from getting naked for Playboy, and as for Bubba Gump, a manager claimed that everybody is “very excited about it.” Something tells us that this excitement isn’t misplaced. There’s a lot of comedy coming our way.

Calorie Counting in Times Square [Fork in the Road/VV]