Flow Space Reopening; Unik and KyKy May Replace XL With High-rise

kyky and unik

Unik and KyKyPhoto: Patrick McMullan

Today, Steve Lewis concludes his interview with KyKy and Unik, the promoters turned owners of PM, who were rumored to have gone head-to-head with Richie Akiva for the contentious 1Oak space (they deny being involved and say they help the club out now). They discuss their involvement in Merkato 55 (They were stuck with money; I just go ahead and give them some money), the status of the PM space that they no longer own (They are doing renovations to do something new there), and their intentions for the XL space that they do own (We dont know what, if we are going to do a high-rise or something different there). Steve Lewis chips in that hes redesigning the Flow space, opening in September. Finally, a great anecdote about Eric Goode banning Haitians from B Bar:

So we walk there, and we heard the guard say to us we could not come in. And we said why? The owner said we could not come in. What I did? I just got this little story that just came out on us, from the Wednesday party we used to do at Voodoo, we used to do a weekly party there. So they did a little story on us in New York magazine, with our pictures in it. The next morning I found out where Eric Goode lives, I said I got to talk to this owner, cause he cannot be dissing me like that. I go to his place, I spend money, I support him. I go there and show up and he says I cannot come in. So, I found out where he lives, on Bleecker Street, I walk up and I say, Eric this is Unik, I got my story in the paper man, I dont do drugs, I dont drink, why you dont let me in? For the record I dont drink or do drugs. I was very mad about it because you cannot judge a person. All these Haitians they go to clubs and stand by the bathroom, selling drugs to people, so they thought everybody thats Haitian with dreads, thats what they are doing. But after that me and Eric we made up, and he realized that we werent part of that social group.

Hm, so now we know where Tonic East got its door policy from

The Dreaded Unik and KyKy [Goodnight Mr. Lewis]