Florent Will Close June 29, May Move to Airport


Coming soon to Terminal A?Photo: Noah Kalina

Now that Passerby has held the last of its 7 a.m. lock-ins, we wonder how Florent is going to fade away. Bruni brings the details:

Beginning on Monday, May 26, and continuing over the five weeks until the restaurants last day in business which he said would be June 29, chosen because its the Sunday of Gay Pride it will have a changing series of five themes, reflecting the Kubler-Ross stages of grief.

Among the performers who will pitch in is our own Jackie Hoffman. Florent says that although he doesnt feel like running a restaurant at age 55, one of his business partners is considering a Florent in an airport terminal around New York. Somethings wrong when an eatery is moving to an airport terminal for cheap rent.

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