Florent Has Already Reached ‘Acceptance’ Phase

With Florent and the Hog Pit closing because their rents have been raised to a reported $50,000 and $40,000 a month, respectively, Shecky’s charts what it calls the “de-evolution” of the meatpacking district — putting the peak at 1999–2000, when Pastis, Lotus, APT, and Passerby opened. Ah, what a time it was. But don’t get too teary eyed — in a video interview, Florent says that he doesn’t have a nostalgic bone in his body (though he wants to write his memoirs) and that, after all, he came to New York because it was all about flux. For those who are prone to wistfulness, we’ll be there to film Florent’s last night of business, on June 28.

Racid: The De-Evolution of the Meatpacking District [Shecky’s]