Documentary Captures the Ultimate Cooking Contest

If your idea of cooking competitions is based on Iron Chef America or Top Chef — and who could blame you if it is? — wait till you see the Bocuse d’Or. Countries from all over the world send forth their greatest chefs to Lyon, France, to compete in three different categories — chicken, fish, and king crab — before a crowd of crazed supporters. As with the World Cup, the 24 national teams that compete take success and victory as matter of national honor, and as a result, the contest is among the most dramatic in the world. A documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Chicken, the Fish and the King Crab,, captures the competition’s intensity and insanity from the point of view of chef Jesús Amalgro of Spain. By the end of the movie, you don’t even care who wins — so exciting is the drama, and so completely without irony, sass, or product placements is the contest itself. The film will be shown five times during the festival; showtimes are here.