David Bouley to Bring Precious Japanese Eggplant to States

Wait till they get a load of kaiseki.
Wait till they get a load of kaiseki. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Today on Gothamist, David Bouley comes forward with details about his Tribeca restaurant, Brushstrokes: The basement bar and grill will concentrate on French sauces, the first floor on a fourteen-to-twenty-course sushi-tasting menu, and the third floor will house a kaiseki room manned by chefs from Yoshiki Tsuji’s prestigious Japanese cooking school. Bouley also reveals that in order to insure his meals will be up to the exacting standards of Kyoto restaurants (and priced accordingly), he’s been working with the Department of Agriculture to grow Japanese ingredients that haven’t been available here. “The ground here is better than California for what they want to do with the quality of the food,” he says, “because of the climate.” Take that, West Coast sushi snobs!

David Bouley, Chef [Gothamist]
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