Calorie Law Doomed?; Colicchio Hasn't Been to Ko Either

The very study that was used by the Health Department to crusade for mandatory calorie posting in food chains may now be used by defense lawyers to undermine the laws future. [NYS]

Some Lower East Siders are not stoked about Bruce Willis opening the Bowery Wine Company, so theyre going to buy a pig, name it Bruce, and then eat it. [NYP]

Wine bars are everywhere, and, thankfully, theyre a lot less stuffy than they used to be. [NYT]

Like so many of us, Tom Colicchio has not yet eaten at Momofuku Ko. [Metromix]

Ago isnt as difficult to get into as Ko, the Waverly Inn, or subMercer. [NYP]
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One trend were pretty sure wont take New York by storm ever: pay-what-you-like restaurants. [Budget Travel]

Few restaurants can successfully pull off mass-marketing their products, but Rosa Mexicano's FreshDirect meals are pretty good. [TONY]

If the economy gets really bad, dont expect Americans to resort to ordering from the McDonalds dollar menu; instead, well be looking for the best values, at places like the Olive Garden. [Business Week]

As any devoted Chipotle fan knows, fast food is nothing to be ashamed of if companies use green methods of production. [Ode]