Café Gray Closing on June 30

Eat there while you still can!
Eat there while you still can! Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Just because we heard about it first doesn’t mean we’re happy to see that Café Gray has actually set a closing date. We still wish someone would tell us that it was all a hoax. But, as we see from an article in today’s Sun, such isn’t the case. The last day for Café Gray will be June 30. Why did it go under? Our best guess is that, although the place was always busy and the parties were always well booked, the rent is famously hard to cover in the Time Warner Center. (Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s V Steakhouse was an early casualty.) Gray Kunz isn’t talking, but we doubt that Grayz will be his last restaurant in New York. There are other places for the great chef to do a restaurant; presumably, he’s looking at them even now.

Café Gray to Close Its Doors [NYS]
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