Order Your Seder Today; Doughnuts Ease Tax Pain

Astoria: In honor of Tax Day, Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away a free doughnuts with each purchase of a hot cup of joe. Luckily, the chain has plenty of locations in the neighborhood where you can take advantage of the special. [Joey in Astoria]
Chelsea: Looking for a good venue to host a party with kids in tow? This party planner ignored a blogger’s suggestion to go to Buddakan, of all places, but Ruby Foo’s didn’t make a much better alternative. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
Cobble Hill: Cobblestone Foods will prepare brisket with dried apricots, poached salmon, and caramel matzo among other Passover-friendly foods for your Seder, as long as you place an order by tomorrow. [Strong Buzz]
Harlem: On April 22, the Hudson River Café will host a spring festival that combines outdoor grilling and lots of wine tasting. [Grub Street]
Tribeca: Rockwell Group didn’t actually have much to do with the design of the Greenwich Hotel and, within it, Ago ; the design firm Grayling is responsible for the thousands of corks, which no one noticed, among other details, such as the entire exterior of the building. [Down by the Hipster]