Bouley Closing Danube by End of Year

David Bouley owns more restaurants than you.Photo: Patrick McMullanDavid Bouley will be closing Danube by the end of the year and reincarnating the space as a French brasserie, writes Florence Fabricant in the Times today. The new restaurant, still unnamed, is just the latest in confusing Bouley movements, as Pete Wells tries to explain in the Times’ "Diner’s Journal." Besides the new Brush Stroke, “Mr. Bouley has already announced that he is closing his flagship, Bouley, and moving it to 161 Duane Street. The old Bouley space will be taken over by Bouley Bakery. The old Bouley Bakery space will be taken over by another of Mr. Bouley’s restaurants, Upstairs, which means that Upstairs will no longer be located entirely upstairs.” As Wells admits, just keeping all these restaurants straight is a complex endeavor in itself.

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