Boqueria to Open Second, Larger Location in Soho


A traffic jam at the original Boqueria.Photo:Carmen Lopez and AJ Wilhelm

For anyone who loved Boqueria, but chafed at its cramped quarters, heres some good news: A bigger Boqueria is on the way. We called owner Yann de Rochefort to check on rumors about Boqueria, and he tells us, The new Boqueria will be in the old Kin Khao space, at 171 Spring Street, and will seat about 90 people. We were happy to take over a space with a lot of history; its like were inheriting positive karma.

In addition to more space, chef Seamus Mullen will also get the open kitchen hes been wanting. Thats something that I loved and remembered from Spain. The shellfish and fish on the counter that you point to and have the cook make the theater and honesty of whats going on there with the food. The new Boqueria will open in October and will also have a chefs counter front-row seats to Mullens tapas theater.