Board Denies 1 Oak Plaintiff, Smiles on Kafana and Frank’s

At a meeting of CB3’s State Liquor Authority and Economic Development committee last night, Emilio Barletta, plaintiff in the $120 million lawsuit against 1 Oak, had his wine-license application recommended for denial. Barletta is planning a self-titled trattoria at 32 St. Marks Place that will offer a main course, salad, and two glasses of wine, all for less than $10; however, the board didn’t think cheap grub was reason enough to recommend a license in an area that is already “flooded” with bars and Italian restaurants.

Eastern European food fans can celebrate about Kafana, which the owner claims is the first Serbian restaurant in the city. (A CB3 member’s quick Google search during the meeting confirmed this claim.) Should the SLA accept the board’s recommendation, the restaurant at 116 Avenue C will be allowed to serve beer and wine.

Finally, the board didn’t hold back on Frank’s’ application for a sidewalk café: It was approved on the condition that the restaurant better control its “obnoxious” customers — “a bunch of twentysomethings that are always on their cell phones.” NYU hipsters, take heed. –Alina Soler