Beloved Pain Quotidien Waiter Murdered

We know how it is to have favorite waiters, so we were sad when a friend of Grub Street told us that one of hers, Sanjeer Seekomar of Le Pain Quotidien on 8th Street and Fifth Avenue, was killed in his apartment late last month.

The Brooklyn Paper has the grisly details, but we prefer to remember Seekomar as our friend does — as a flamboyant character who gave boy advice (specifically, to stop dating schmucks), hooked her up with free orange juice though she never asked for it (“you need the vitamins”), and advised her to stop eating baguettes or she’d lose her figure. “Once,” our friend says, “my ex-boyfriend was there, sitting at another table, and I tried to send him a pastry. And he refused to bring it to him! He said, ‘Nah, you are way too cute for him. He should be sending you something.’” Seekomar was 35.

Two Murders [Brooklyn Paper]