Balthazar's Taped-Up Banquettes Are Still Fit for Snogging

Tape caught on tape!

Gawker links to a Daily News blind item about a certain handsome men's magazine editor (David Zinczenko, of Mens Health?) getting to third base with a certain inexplicable media star (columnist Julia Allison?). Not surprising that it happened at Balthazar we see someone sucking face over oysters pretty much every time we're there. Must be something about those sexy red banquettes. Speaking of which are we the only ones whove noticed that, in a few spots, theyve been repaired, Holiday Cocktailstyle, with what looks like duct tape? What do you think: tacky? Part of Balths charm? Or too busy making out to care?

Third Base at Balthazar: Men's Health's Dave Zinczenko and Julia Allison [Gawker]