Balthazar’s Taped-Up Banquettes Are Still Fit for Snogging

Tape — caught on tape!
Gawker links to a Daily News blind item about a certain “handsome men’s magazine editor” (David Zinczenko, of Men’s Health?) getting to third base with a certain “inexplicable media star” (columnist Julia Allison?). Not surprising that it happened at Balthazar — we see someone sucking face over oysters pretty much every time we’re there. Must be something about those sexy red banquettes. Speaking of which — are we the only ones who’ve noticed that, in a few spots, they’ve been repaired, Holiday Cocktail–style, with what looks like duct tape? What do you think: tacky? Part of Balth’s charm? Or too busy making out to care?

Third Base at Balthazar: Men’s Health’s Dave Zinczenko and Julia Allison [Gawker]