Artichoke Pizza Hasn’t Heard of David Chang; Green-Tea Cookies So Good in the East Village

Coney Island: You can get a mozzarepa here, all year long. [Lost City]
Boerum Hill: Southerner blogger Nichelle Stephens once only considered “whoopie” to be a “euphemism for sex used only by contestants on the old television show The Newlywed Game,” but with help from Northeast bakeries like One Girl Cookies, she discovered how good a real whoopie could be.
East Village: Chang dog was apparently spotted at the new Artichoke pizza welcoming the owners, complimenting their fritters, and introducing himself. However, they weren’t familiar with this “Momofuku” he spoke of. [Eating in Translation]
Danyelle Freeman lays out a list of her favorite cookies, and she’s included Panya’s mini green-tea butter cookies. We concur. [Restaurant Girl]
Harlem: There’s a “Coffee Bark” with refreshments for dog owners (or sitters) this Saturday at St. Nicholas Park between 136th and 137th Streets. [Uptown Flavor]
West Chelsea: Suzy Wong gives out lewd fortune cookies. [Down by the Hipster]