Tour of Moby’s Kitchen Fails to Convert Us to Veganism

Right this way, ladies.
Right this way, ladies. Photo:

A while back, we poked fun at Moby for considering his stomach a nonessential item. As if to prove us wrong (and, okay, maybe to impress the ladies), he has given Epicurious a tour of his humble kitchen, showing off all three varieties of white tea he keeps in the cupboard and giving us a glimpse of all the brand names such as Eden Blend, Eden Soy, and Ezekiel that go with his self-described quasi-health-conscious, ecofriendly vegan lifestyle. After seeing him cook vegan pancakes, we have to say that we’re inclined to believe his ex-girlfriend that they’re not the greatest. And we’re not sure we agree with Moby’s advice to a meat eater: “For the next month you eat only animal products and tell me what’s good about it. Because the only thing that makes animal products taste nice is the vegan products.” Any Fat Packers want to weigh in here?

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