Tom Colicchio’s Lessons in Manliness

That dome was created with Braun clippers.Photo: Getty Images
The April GQ arrived on Friday and with it a “What you can learn from…” feature about Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio. Colicchio discourses on sundry food topics in this sadly off-line feature, including helpful household tips (“most people don’t realize how quickly olive oil goes rancid”), his shaving technique (“Braun electric clippers. I use them on my head and my face”), and his boat (“A yellow Contender, twenty-five feet. My biggest catch? A 170-pound marlin in Mexico. Threw it back”). Also on the chef machismo front, from the same issue: Eric Ripert’s seduction technique, which in case you’re wondering, is tuna and truffles at four in the morning: “She moved in with me not long after.”