Thomas Keller Considers Own Legacy

Thomas Keller: the high priest of gastronomy.
Thomas Keller: the high priest of gastronomy. Photo: WireImage

Thomas Keller appeared on Charlie Rose on Wednesday and spoke at length about cooking, restaurants, and how they do business at Per Se and The French Laundry. If you’ve heard Keller speak before, much of the ground he covers is familiar territory, but what comes across in the interview is the earnest, almost priestly passion with which Keller treats food. He even goes so far as to discuss his legacy, which seems a bit premature. (He wants to inspire excellence in cooks and good memories in diners.) It’s a longish interview, but worth watching, especially if you’re trying to decide whether to eat (and pay for) Per Se.

Thomas Keller Dishes on Per Se, Ramsay, Ratatouille on Charlie Rose [Eater]