Pizza Prices Definitely Going Up; Bruni Loves Björk

Theres no doubt about it: Pizza prices are going up. A survey of pizzerias around town well, below 14th Street, anyway reveals that slice prices are almost unanimously going to increase over the next few months, owing to the soaring price of flour. [City Room/NYT]

Though the National Labor Relations Board ruled more than two weeks ago that Saigon Grills deliverymen must be rehired with full back pay, delivery service at both locations remains suspended and there are doubts about its returning anytime soon. [Villager]

You can learn so much from hanging out at Ko and the Rusty Knot, like how good Jay-Z is at playing pool. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Frank Bruni muses on Muzak and iPod playlists in restaurants and reveals his love for Bjrk in the process. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Forthcoming Top Chef competitor Nikki Cascone, executive chef of 24 Prince, is now serving ribs inspired by her experience on the show. [NYDN]

Sex up your Sunday night with an erotic cooking workshop at everyones favorite sex-toy shop, Babeland. [Feed/TONY]